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How does a start of psychological follow-up take place?

Anxiety and worry: how to manage them?

Excessive Worry and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Intrusive Thoughts and Impulse Phobia


Some psychological information...

Picking up during the holidays:


  • Assign a colleague as a reference in your absence

  • Uninstall access to your notifications

  • De-dramatize the consequences of not answering your emails on vacation

  • Schedule a period of reading emails when you return

  • Remember: taking a break helps regain your energy to improve your productivity when you return!



A little guide to letting go

Letting go is: 

To continue on our way, even when we have the impression that we absolutely have to finish what we are doing, even when we feel that it is pulling inside, even when we have a 'pop up' thought which tells us that we must do something immediately. 


It is also to give up:

To an objective that is important to us because it is not compatible with our current life, such as canceling a sports competition because we were injured;

To a partner to whom we have become attached because this relationship no longer suits our needs, either because there has been physical or psychological violence or simply because your paths have separated.


It is also choosing!:

Choose by prioritizing what is really important to you: clean the house for another 15 minutes or chat with our partner.

Choosing to broach a more delicate subject with a loved one to assert oneself in the relationship.


What letting go is not:

Resigning: Giving up/letting go or being frustrated with a situation.

'I won't make it, I'll let it be'

'No choice, it's not me who decides'


Avoid: I have decided not to speak with my friend anymore. Is it because I find it difficult to assert myself (I avoid exposing myself) or because this relationship does not suit me (I let go of what I do not control).

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