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Individual psychotherapy 

Group psychotherapy



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You don't break free from something by avoiding it, but by going through it.

Cesare Pavese

Hello? Hello!

I hope to be able to accompany you in your process of change!


I offer individual and group meeting services, online courses and virtual and face-to-face clinical supervision.




Dr. Stéphanie Lalande Charlebois, psychologist

 Online courses

Here are our online courses you prefer to do your session

  at home here are classes for you.


When to consult?

Although this list is not exhaustive, here are some reasons for consultation:



  • Anxiety (Excessive worry, eco-anxiety, performance anxiety)

  • Self-awareness

  • Life cycle

  • Grief

  • Adaptation difficulties

  • Relationship Difficulties (Insecure Attachment Pattern)

  • Burnout

  • Self esteem

  • Stress management

  • Depressive symptoms/mood fluctuation

  • Post-traumatic symptoms (hypervigilance)



The follow-up methods are:


  • online courses

  • Individual meetings

  • Group meetings

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